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I’m Josh. When I was 24, I had my first awakening.

It was at a Lady Gaga concert. Half-way through, Lady Gaga brought out an acoustic piano and played “Born This Way” by herself. I wept.

The song is an anthem for people to live authentically. As an Enneagram 3, I resonate deeply with how challenging this is. I was a high functioning chameleon for most of my life. I smiled when I was supposed to, polished my manners, and built an impressive resume. I got straight A’s in high school and went to Princeton. There, I starred in theater productions, performed in a dance company, sang in an a cappella group, and ran for office in every group I was a part of. After college, I wondered: should I apply to Stanford Law School? Or, no, maybe Stanford Graduate School for Engineering…

When Lady Gaga played her song, I realized: I had never asked myself, “What do you, Josh, really want?” I had no idea. I just wanted to go to Stanford. Why? For the same reason I did everything else: it would mean I was worth something.

This is the path of 3s. When we aren’t present, we chase the spotlight, and we leave ourselves behind in the pursuit.

When I learned about the type 3, I was shocked. The description was so precise. And I couldn’t believe that this framework described others as accurately as it did me. I became obsessed. I took all the classes and read all the books I could afford.

The Enneagram continues to deepen for me. I use it every day in all of my relationships at work and at home. Now, 5 years later, deep into my own path of inner work, I’ve decided to teach.

If you are curious about this rich and transformative tool, please contact me with questions. I’d love to work with you, your team, or your organization.

Josh is a gentle, yet firm teacher. He fosters mutual respect and rigorous honesty, which enables deeper learning. Within our group, individuals had varying degrees of experience with introspection. Josh seamlessly brought the group together and met each member at his/her level. I highly recommend taking the Enneagram and Josh as a facilitator.

~ Carolyn Kelly, Stanford Graduate School of Business ’17

I’m incredibly grateful for the experience of attending your Enneagram retreat. You are a master of the Enneagram concepts and were able to communicate the intricacies of each type clearly. Through this retreat, I developed an increased level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy that has made me happier and improved my personal and professional relationships.

~ Jay Helbling, Stanford Graduate School of Business ’17

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