Let’s talk coaching for real.

I call myself a “life coach” for simplicity’s sake, but that label is much too blunt to encompass what I do with my clients.

I help people awaken the confidence, joy, and power buried deep within them, discover what they live for, and become exceptional leaders.

Do you ever…

  • Feel like an impostor?
  • Feel like a lone soldier: “I always have to do it myself?
  • Feel like you can’t bring your whole self to work or your relationships?
  • Feel like no matter how much advice you get, you never feel fully confident making big decisions?
  • Feel like you’re drowning in an endless pile of tasks that don’t bring you joy, deplete your energy, and are devoid of meaning?
  • Feel like you have so much to contribute, but you’re not living the life you’re meant to be living?
  • Feel unsure of what you really want to be doing, but feel very sure it’s not this
  • Feel empty, burnt out, or like you lost your passion?
  • Worry that no matter how much you meditate or do “self-care,” you can’t shake the shame, frustration, or anxiety?
  • Secretly ask yourself, “Is this really all there is to life?”
  • Wonder how we’re going to solve the world’s problems if high quality people like me can’t even figure out what my life is for?

I get it. I used to feel that way too. It’s an epidemic.

We live in a culture that pulls us in an incredible number of directions. We are pummeled by content and social contexts that say, “THIS is important!” “No, THIS is important.” “If you’re not paying attention to THIS, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity!” This leaves us exhausted, confused, and internally divided.

To be impactful in our world, we must be skillful at anchoring ourselves to and acting from our deepest truths.

This is true no matter who we are — parents, CEOs, writers, teachers, whatever.

But, how do you know what those “deep truths” are? And if you’re lucky enough to get that clarity, how do you summon the strength to say “no” to distractions, harmful relationships, and self-defeating behaviors so that you can say “yes” to what’s important to you?

In the deepest, truest place in you, you know that what you yearn for is to be more connected to yourself and your community, to live a life of meaningful contribution, and to do so from a place of strength, joy, and serenity.

That’s what exceptional leaders do. I help you get you there.

In my coaching, I help you:

  • Feel more centered, open, and powerful in your body, so that you can move through the world with confidence and poise
  • Settle your nervous system, so that you can awaken your inner guidance and handle difficult situations with calm and resolve
  • Clarify your purpose — what you are here to contribute in this life, and how you’ll do it
  • Claim your unique superpower
  • Become more effective at prioritizing and executing important tasks
  • Cultivate deeper, more mutually supportive relationships by developing a clearer way of listening and speaking
  • Soften your heart, heal from past hurts, and develop more compassion, even for the “difficult” people in your life
  • Become so well acquainted with your blindspots that they cease to be blindspots
  • Take practical steps down your unique path toward saturation in love, meaningful contribution, and inner peace
  • See your life story in the context of the great human story, and how you’re helping shape its unfolding
  • Become a revolutionary leader that has enough self-mastery to help humanity solve its biggest problems without getting in your own way

I’ve spent a lifetime studying human motivation, rapid skill acquisition, and human potential. In order to tap their deepest gifts, humans need not just high competence, but grounding in practices that help them self-reflect, self-correct, and self-generate for long term excellence. For these reasons, my coaching is about deepening your personhood as much as it is about developing your skills. 

To deepen myself, I meditate daily, practice Aikido and Alexander Technique, and draw inspiration from many teachers including Parker Palmer, Ken Wilber, Peter Senge, Frederic Laloux, Wendy Palmer, Byron Katie, Russ Hudson, Krista Tippet, David Whyte, Mary Oliver, and Adyashanti. I’m incredibly passionate about the Enneagram (personality typology), which I’ve studied for 5 years and teach. I have over 500 hours in coaching and listening training through the Educare Unlearning Institute and am currently certifying as an Integral Coach® with New Ventures West.

I offer executive coaching, holistic life coaching, Enneagram retreats, team building, and leadership development workshops. 

If you’d like to learn more about coaching with me, please email me at to set up a phone conversation.

Click here to read more about the Enneagram. And click here to read about my next Enneagram Retreat.

During my first coaching session with Josh, I was able to unearth professional barriers that I had been wrestling with for three years. Before our session, I felt stuck in a state of apathy towards my career, as well as certain aspects of my personal life. With a keenly intuitive and attentive style, Josh helped me delve deeply into core issues while putting me at ease with vulnerability. He has the perfect mix of “push” and “pull”, allowing him to guide through the surface issues to much deeper insights. The result of our session was a breakthrough that left me inspired, enlightened, and empowered to reclaim my drive towards my career. I left our session with a greater-than-ever sense of clarity towards my professional ambition, and the focused motivation to see my professional and personal life with new eyes.

~ Emily Rose Tormey, Marketing Expert

The quality of Josh’s instruction is amazing. He listens attentively with openness, warmth and patience and creates a safe and compassionate atmosphere to investigate your truth and share it honestly. Whether you’re just starting out on a contemplative journey or if you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while, Josh meets you where you are with insight, wise guidance, and warmth. I can’t recommend him enough. 

Alex Sarkissian, Co-Founder, Cure Hydration
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