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What is Coaching Anyway?

Great question!

Coaching is an ongoing conversation between you and me that helps you…

  • Set developmental goals
  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Craft an action plan that works

I think of coaching like this:

Basically, I take everything I’ve ever read about humans from all different realms of knowledge — how we form, what shapes us, how we learn, how we change, what holds us back — and I bring that to bear on your life.

Practically, here’s what that looks like:

Step 1: Chemistry Meeting
We hang for 30 minutes and see if we want to work together. This part is free.

Step 2: I Get To Know You
I ask you a bunch of questions. Many coaches “coach” in the first session. I choose not to do this until I fully “get” you and what’s going on in your life. What are you up against? What’s at stake for you? What are you trying to change? I ask about ALL areas of your life, including areas that may surprise you. This reveals the shape of your attention and where your blind spots are. This makes the next session MUCH more impactful.

Step 3: We Decide on Observable Coaching Outcomes
I present these to you, and we go back and forth until you love them.

Step 4: I Design Your Coaching Program
I present a customized coaching program (aka: action plan) to you. We edit and finalize it together.

A Note About Coaching Programs

I custom design your coaching program not just to help you tackle the challenges you presented, but to help you transform into the kind of person for whom they cease to be challenges.

For this reason, I will ask you to take up new practices or do one-time activities for your personal growth. Some of these may be self-reflective (like journaling), and others may be active (like taking a martial art).

The success of your coaching program will depend on your engagement with practices. While our sessions will reveal insights, practices are what will bring about embodied transformation.

In recommending practices, I will be sensitive to your life circumstances. But some will require a leap of faith on your part, since they will have you engage areas of life in which you have a blind spot.

Not all practices will be easy to take up. But that is, in part, why you have a coach.

Step 5: You Crush It, I Support

We meet in person or over video chat weekly or bi-weekly. Did you do the practices? Did you fall off the wagon? What are you learning? Should we adjust? What’s coming up? Etc.

We celebrate wins, adjust to new circumstances, and keep you on track.

What can you help me with?

Do you ever…

  • Feel like a lone soldier: “I always have to do it myself?”
  • Feel like you can’t bring your whole self to work or your relationships?
  • Feel like you’re wading through endless tasks that deplete your joy, energy, and meaning?
  • Feel like you have so much to contribute, if only you could unleash the confidence, aliveness, and energy that you know is in you.
  • Feel empty, burnt out, or like you lost your passion?
  • Feel frustrated that no matter how much you meditate or do “self-care,” you can’t shake the shame, frustration, or anxiety?
  • Secretly ask yourself, “Is this really all there is to life?”

I get it. It’s an epidemic.

In the deepest, truest place in you, you know that what you yearn for is to be more connected to yourself and your community, to live a life of meaningful contribution, and to do so from a place of strength, joy, and serenity.

That’s what exceptional humans do. I help you get you there.

I’ve spent a lifetime studying human motivation, rapid skill acquisition, human potential, and a bunch of the other stuff in that funnel up above. What gets distilled out is this:

In order to tap your deepest gifts, you need not just high competence, but grounding in practices and relationships that help you self-reflect, self-correct, and self-generate for long term excellence. For these reasons, my coaching is about deepening your personhood as much as it is about developing your skills. 

In my coaching, I help you:

  • Feel more centered in your body so that you can move through the world with confidence, power, and poise
  • Upgrade your nervous system, so that you can awaken your inner guidance and handle anything with calm and resolve
  • Clarify your purpose — what you are here to contribute in this life, and how you’ll do it
  • Claim your unique superpower(s)
  • Master prioritization and execution, so you actually get done what you want to get done
  • Cultivate deep, mutually supportive relationships that feed your soul, passion, and sense of belonging
  • Get to know your blindspots so well that they cease to be blindspots
  • Take practical steps down your unique path toward saturation in love, meaning, and inner peace
  • See your life story in the context of the great human story, and how you’re helping to shape its unfolding
  • Become a revolutionary leader that has enough self-mastery to help humanity solve its biggest problems without getting in your own way

During my first coaching session with Josh, I was able to unearth professional barriers that I had been wrestling with for three years. Before our session, I felt stuck in a state of apathy towards my career, as well as certain aspects of my personal life. With a keenly intuitive and attentive style, Josh helped me delve deeply into core issues while putting me at ease with vulnerability. He has the perfect mix of “push” and “pull”, allowing him to guide through the surface issues to much deeper insights. The result of our session was a breakthrough that left me inspired, enlightened, and empowered to reclaim my drive towards my career. I left our session with a greater-than-ever sense of clarity towards my professional ambition, and the focused motivation to see my professional and personal life with new eyes.

~ Emily Rose Tormey, Marketing Expert

The quality of Josh’s instruction is amazing. He listens attentively with openness, warmth and patience and creates a safe and compassionate atmosphere to investigate your truth and share it honestly. Whether you’re just starting out on a contemplative journey or if you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while, Josh meets you where you are with insight, wise guidance, and warmth. I can’t recommend him enough. 

Alex Sarkissian, Co-Founder, Cure Hydration
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