The Enneagram and Breathwork with Ilaria Luckovich

An Invitation: Discover Breathwork and the Enneagram

Please join up to 14 participants for a 2.5-day breathwork and Enneagram discovery retreat.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a system of personality types based on the diagram above. Its accuracy and depth make it a powerful tool for cultivating self awareness, understanding others, and doing inner work.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a methodology that uses conscious breathing for healing, inner exploration, and transformation. 

You might think… “Breathing? I do it all the time!” Yeah, but not like this.

Breathwork takes you on an intense journey into non-ordinary states of consciousness and into the depths of who you are.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Feel more powerful and grounded in your body
  • Develop your emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Cultivate stillness in your mind
  • Learn how to be “present in all 3 centers” (body, heart, mind)
  • Experience your Essential Self
  • Identify the gifts and liabilities of your personality structure
  • See the blindspots that are holding you back in your relationships, career, and personal development
  • Understand what motivates people different from you
  • See the beauty in other people, even those whom you find difficult to deal with

“My name is Richard and I am 58 years old. I have been involved in several forms of therapy and have pursued a spiritual path as well. I have been working with Ilaria for about 9 months and the benefits have been by my measure nothing short of amazing. The depths to which working with Ilaria has brought me are sometimes startling. The self recognition and the altering of old unserving patterns has happened, it seems, almost in a condensed process. I can’t say enough as to how pleased I am with Ilaria and the breathwork we have been practicing.”

~ Richard Misiura

Josh’s Enneagram class blew my mind. I want everyone I work with to know this tool. If you are a start up founder, a leader of any organization, or a human in any other context, you should know this tool. And you should learn it from Josh.

~ Dan Teran, Founder & CEO, Managed by Q

In this workshop, you will…

Learn the Enneagram and experience the power of breath to relax tension in the body, increase energy, release emotional trauma, and reconnect to yourself in a deeply meaningful way.

After an Enneagram program, it is common for people to say things like, “I’ve never gotten my husband until now,” or, “This whole time I thought my boss was a jerk… but now that I understand him, it’s so much easier to work with him.” 

Learning the Enneagram is itself a transformational experience for most people. So is doing breathwork. Adding breathwork to your Enneagram discovery journey takes your transformation even deeper by cementing your insights into lived experience.

Through breathwork, Ilaria has helped me process difficult emotions, both on the surface and in subconscious layers, bringing me closer to where I may be holding them in my body. She is an excellent guide to building my relation to the breath and its healing properties.

~ Crystal Penalosa

Josh’s way of instructing a down to earth spiritual growth class blew me away. Josh has a practical way of teaching the hard stuff in an open, safe environment, and his class helped me identify parts of my personality that have been dormant for a long time.

~ Rachel Neidich-Rook

The program is designed for beginner and intermediate Enneagram students, but advanced students are encouraged.

The Retreat Structure

3/87:30pm – 9:30pm ETGroup Video Call 1
3/137:00pm – 9:30pm ETWelcome and Intro
(please eat prior)
3/149:00am – 7:30pmEnneagram and Breathwork Workshop
(breakfast, lunch, & dinner provided)
3/159:00am – 5:00pmEnneagram and Breathwork Workshop
(breakfast & lunch provided)
3/237:30pm – 9:30pm ETGroup Video Call 2

Before the Retreat:

  • A group video call 1 week before
  • Optional reading from The Wisdom of the Enneagram
  • Optional Online Enneagram Test (The RHETI)

You do not need to know your type before you come to the retreat. If you choose to take a test, please be aware that tests can be inaccurate. They are simply a doorway to inner exploration and not a final diagnosis.

The Retreat:

At the retreat, we will guide you in a Breathwork partnering exercise, an integration of the experience, and an exploration of the Enneagram via lecture, handouts, exercises, quiet reflection, and personal sharing.

The evenings after class are free. You can spend the time however you want. Usually, we hang out, take alone time, or go into town.

There will be ingredients for simple meals available at all times. Dietary preferences and restrictions will be accommodated.

A Note on Lodging

One of the most valuable parts of the retreat is the fact that it’s basically a sleep over party.

Of course, that sounds fun for some folks and nightmarish for others. There is a reason we do it.

Many retreats invite us to be in solitude. But not many retreats invite us to live communally in the spirit of self-observation.

Our personalities are always “on.” We can receive some of our most powerful insights by observing ourselves interact with the group outside of class.

That said, you can take as much solitude as you need, when you need it. The point is just that we are co-creating a container for inner work, which is reinforced by temporary, respectful, communal living.

After the Retreat:

  • A group video call 2 weeks after to share and hear from others how they are integrating their new awareness into their lives

Ilaria facilitated me in my first Breathwork journey when I was recovering from an extremely difficult breakup. She was miraculous and utterly attuned to me at an extraordinary level of depth. My session with her set in motion a quantum leap in my healing and continued to work inside me for weeks. You should run, not walk, to do Breathwork, and you should do it with Ilaria.

~ Josh Lavine

Josh is a gentle, yet firm teacher. He fosters mutual respect and rigorous honesty, which enables deeper learning. Within our group, individuals had varying degrees of experience with introspection. Josh seamlessly brought the group together and met each member at his/her level. I highly recommend taking the Enneagram and Josh as a facilitator.

~ Carolyn Kelly, Stanford Graduate School of Business ’17


  • Binder with handouts, given at the workshop
  • Optional Online Test: The RHETI (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator) (~30min)
  • Optional Textbook: The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson. If you choose to buy this, we will recommend selected sections to read before the retreat

Workshop Size

4 – 14 participants.


Because this is our first time trying this format, we are offering this class on a discounted sliding scale from $675 – $1175. This fee is “all-in” and includes all materials, food, and lodging.

Each participant may pay any amount in that range. Scholarships may be available and are evaluated on a request basis.


The retreat will be held at an AirBnB within 3 hours of New York City by car or train. We will know the location by the end of January.

You may arrive anytime after 5:00pm Friday. Please arrive before 6:45pm so you can settle in.

The program runs with a minimum of 4 people.

To reserve a spot, please pay a $200 deposit via Zelle (, cash, or check. The deposit is 100% refundable before 3/6, and non-refundable after.

The remainder of your payment is due by 3/16, the Monday after the retreat.

Questions? Please reach out!

The Facilitators

Josh Lavine

Josh has studied the Enneagram in depth for over 5 years in workshops with the Enneagram Institute, New York Enneagram, and the Educare Unlearning Institute. He has over 500 hours in coaching and listening training in programs through the Educare Unlearning Institute and is currently enrolled in New Ventures West’s Professional Coaching Certification Program. He does holistic life coaching and executive coaching.

Josh draws inspiration from many teachers including Parker Palmer, Ken Wilber, Peter Senge, Frederic Laloux, Wendy Palmer, Byron Katie, Russ Hudson, Mary Oliver, and Adyashanti.

Ilaria Luckovich

Ilaria is a certified Breathworker at Inspiration Consciousness School (6 year training program) and a certified Integral Life Coach with New Ventures West. She has a BA in Clinical Psychology, extensive training in the Enneagram of Personality, and deep involvement in the Fourth Way — the inner work tradition from which the Enneagram originates. She believes that in order to heal and transform, one has to integrate the work of the mind, the body, and the heart, and she has worked for years guiding others through deep inner work journeys in non-ordinary states of consciousness, privately and in groups. She meditates daily.

You can follow Ilaria on instagram @embodying.breath.

Testimonials for Ilaria

Ilaria Chiantore-Luckovich is an amazingly talented coach, applying her broad and deep training with immaculate sensitivity. She was very helpful in getting me to stay grounded in my body while working on my blind spots. I highly recommend her for helping you get unstuck, move to the next level, or whatever coaching you need for your personal self development goals.

~ Ben Goldman

Ilaria is a truly gifted coach. She is real, warm, fiercely loving, and dedicated to supporting her clients in finding and living their truth. She always asked the right questions and gave thoughtful, intentional exercises and homework that helped me transform my day to day experience. I felt seen and understood, and was therefore able to push myself to take risks and create change in my life. I am forever thankful that I chose to work with her.

~ Female Client

I first met Ilaria during a group breathwork session. I felt stuck and lost, and I will never forget her presence on that day. She came to me and asked what I was experiencing. Her wisdom, kindness, and deep knowledge of the human spirit guided me safely through what would have otherwise been a challenging and uncomfortable experience. Since that first day, Ilaria has become one of the people I trust the most in my life. Not only she does intimately understand old wisdoms such as the chakras, energy work, the Enneagram, and the human experience in general, she also is a skilled and talented life coach, and she is able to integrate those two things to be one of the best supports I have ever known. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with her to anyone.

~ A.B.

Testimonials for Josh

Anna Murphy, Kellogg School of Management ’20
Catherine Clark, Columbia Business School ’20
Sarah Adler, Co-Founder of Spoon University

I have studied and applied the Enneagram for over ten years. During this time I have attended several extended, in-depth classes on understanding and applying the Enneagram. After attending Josh’s three day retreat I gained a deeper understanding in this timeframe than all my previous training combined. The material was clearly presented, the content was rich, but overwhelmingly the value of the class – and what stood apart from all my other training – was Josh’s thorough ability to clearly and concisely distill complex information into easily digestible pieces. It was remarkable. The class was extremely well structured and facilitated deep, meaningful dialogue amongst everyone.

~ Brian Rook, Father, Husband, Director of Information Technology for Quanta

Josh is an incredible teacher, and it is clear that he has spent years acquiring deep knowledge. Every teaching moment came with stories from his own life that really brought the Enneagram to life. Josh managed to create a safe space in which I felt encouraged to dive beyond the surface and reflect and share who I am and who I might want to become. I highly recommend Josh as a teacher and the Enneagram as a framework to anyone looking to explore on a deep level who they are.

~Malte Kramer, Founder of Luxury Presence and author of Play for Something

I absolutely loved my first deep dive into the Enneagram, and Josh was a fantastic facilitator. Our group had a few first timers (like myself) and others with a lot of experience with the Enneagram, and Josh handled the dynamic expertly. Josh had a way of making everybody feel safe in sharing their true thoughts and feelings, but at the same time he was able to challenge people to ensure that our sessions together were maximized. I will use what I learnt on our retreat in my daily interactions for the rest of my life, and I recommend the class to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of human behavior/interactions.

~ Michael Hobbs, Stanford Graduate School of Business ’17, Former New Zealand Professional Rugby Player
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