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During my first coaching session with Josh, I was able to unearth professional barriers that I had been wrestling with for three years. Before our session, I felt stuck in a state of apathy towards my career, as well as certain aspects of my personal life. With a keenly intuitive and attentive style, Josh helped me delve deeply into core issues while putting me at ease with vulnerability. He has the perfect mix of “push” and “pull”, allowing him to guide through the surface issues to much deeper insights. The result of our session was a breakthrough that left me inspired, enlightened, and empowered to reclaim my drive towards my career. I left our session with a greater-than-ever sense of clarity towards my professional ambition, and the focused motivation to see my professional and personal life with new eyes. 

Emily Rose Tormey, Marketing Expert

Josh’s Enneagram retreat invites you to step into the black box of others’ minds and rethink how you approach the diverse personalities in your life. Josh is the ideal guide for this journey – empathetic, charismatic, inquisitive, and charmingly self-reflective about how his own typology textures the experience. Whether you’re looking to engage in some much-needed self discovery or explore the dynamics of your most intimate and complicated relationships, I can’t recommend this retreat enough. You’ll leave with a more nuanced understanding of your motivations, fears, and ambitions and a toolkit for compassionate interaction with other types. The course doesn’t end when the weekend’s over – you’ll find yourself applying the Enneagram framework and describing its underlying principles for weeks to come.

Jaclyn “Jax” Harris, Yale Law School ‘16

I had the pleasure of participating in an Enneagram workshop led by Josh. Over the course of the weekend, we learned about the Enneagram and took part in exercises designed to get to know ourselves better. It’s an incredibly powerful framework and I’ve since applied it both in my self-coaching as well as in my interactions with others. Josh is an incredible teacher, and it is clear that he has spent years acquiring deep knowledge. Every teaching moment came with stories from his own life that really brought the Enneagram to life. Josh managed to create a safe space in which I felt encouraged to dive beyond the surface and reflect and share who I am and who I might want to become. I highly recommend Josh as a teacher and the Enneagram as a framework to anyone looking to explore on a deep level who they are.

Malte Kramer, Founder of Luxury Presence and author of Play For Something

I’m incredibly grateful for the experience of attending your Enneagram retreat. You are a master of the Enneagram concepts and were able to communicate the intricacies of each type clearly. Through this retreat, I developed an increased level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and empathy that has made me happier and improved my personal and professional relationships. I especially liked that you didn’t focus on the negative trait lens that some other enneagram resources start with. Since the retreat, I’ve found myself ‘type’ing other people and leveraging that understanding to better communicate with them. I share my type with people to help them understand how to interpret some of my reactions, which has led to valuable discussions with my friends, girlfriend, and family. I would strongly recommend this course to even the most self-aware leaders and teammates.

Jay Helbling, Stanford Graduate School of Business ’17

The Enneagram is a fascinating and important lens for self-discovery and exploring our relationships with others. Josh hosted an unforgettable weekend session for a small group of us to learn more about the Enneagram. He guided us through each type, our experiences with the types either personally or with others who embody the type, and growth paths to improve ourselves and our bonds with others. Josh is a gentle, yet firm teacher. He fosters mutual respect and rigorous honesty, which enables deeper learning. Within our group, individuals had varying degrees of experience with introspection. Josh seamlessly brought the group together and met each member at his/her level. I highly recommend taking the Enneagram and Josh as a facilitator. Thank you!

Carolyn Kelly, Stanford Graduate School of Business ‘17

I absolutely loved my first deep dive into the Enneagram, and Josh was a fantastic facilitator. Our group had a few first timers (like myself) and others with a lot of experience with the Enneagram, and Josh handled the dynamic expertly. Josh had a way of making everybody feel safe in sharing their true thoughts and feelings, but at the same time he was able to challenge people to ensure that our sessions together were maximized. I will use what I learnt on our retreat in my daily interactions for the rest of my life, and I recommend the class to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of human behavior/interactions.

Michael Hobbs, Stanford Graduate School of Business ’17, Former New Zealand Professional Rugby Player

I was invited to participate in an Enneagram session by one of my girlfriend’s university friends. As with most processes I perceived as self-help in nature, I was deeply skeptical. The process got underway with a phone call I received from Josh Lavine, the facilitator of the session. He was incredibly warm and open to my misgivings. We briefly discussed my personality type (an out ‘n out 8), and what I hoped to achieve from the experience (I wasn’t sure). The weekend arrived and the sessions were pretty intense, starting at around 9:00 and continuing until about 20:00 (with several breaks). All in all I found that the process provided me with a useful framework (not to be used in isolation) for considering myself and others. It was also a healthy reminder to regard one’s own personality with humility.

I thought Josh was incredible. Regardless of the fact that this was his maiden facilitation, he dealt with the (at times spirited) group with thoughtfulness and care. It’s a large responsibility, managing the complicated landscape that is a large, unknown groups personalities. Things can get emotional and out of hand. Josh managed this process well, and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering participating in the process. He answers each question with meditative focus, and works with people when an answer isn’t clear, which is where I felt he was at his best. It’s easy and tempting to present oneself as knowing  everything, especially when you’re leading an audience on a subject you’re considered an authority. However personalities are vast and complex and no one can know everything. He worked with all who posed complex questions to navigate toward either an answer, or a clearer direction to pursue an answer. 

Do it, even if you feel you’ve got nothing to gain. With some application I’ve no doubt you’ll take something from this.

Ross Farley

I just got back from Josh’s weekend workshop, and my heart is feeling completely full. The quality of Josh’s instruction was amazing – he speaks authentically from his heart and is incredibly precise and skillful with his language when discussing material and addressing questions. He listens attentively with openness, warmth and patience and creates a safe and compassionate atmosphere to investigate your truth and share it honestly. Whether you’re just starting out on a contemplative journey or if you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while, Josh meets you where you are with insight, wise guidance, and warmth. I can’t recommend him and his workshop enough. 

Alex Sarkissian, Co-Founder, Cure Hydration

Learning about the Enneagram through Josh’s unique lens has strengthened my understanding and inspired me in ways I would like to implement this system into my own life. Josh truly captures the heart and emotion of the enneagram. It was truly a privilege to witness myself and others experience breakthroughs in what we saw in ourselves and in the people we love and care about. 

After the transformational weekend, I’ve acquired deeper tolerance, compassion and appreciation towards myself and those around me. I’ve been eagerly sharing the work with those I care about and it’s amazing to see them light up from the inside. I feel more open because somehow I feel a greater sense of intimacy and connection with myself and people around me. In speaking more to my mother about it, I can tell she is feeling more seen and heard. I’ve shared Josh’s lens of the enneagram with my team at work and we’ve quickly applied what we know in the way we treat each other. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. 

Ellie Pappas, LMSW, Reiki Master Practitioner

I have studied and applied the Enneagram for over ten years.  During this time I have attended several extended, in-depth classes on understanding and applying the Enneagram.  After attending Josh’s three day retreat I gained a deeper understanding in this timeframe than all my previous training combined.  The material was clearly presented, the content was rich, but overwhelmingly the value of the class – and what stood apart from all my other training – was Josh’s thorough ability to clearly and concisely distill complex information into easily digestible pieces for each class member to digest.  It was remarkable.  The class was extremely well structured and facilitated deep, meaningful dialogue amongst everyone.  Furthermore, Josh’s ability to include and connect the instinctual variants was invaluable. Absolutely the finest seminar I have ever attended, regardless of discipline.

Brian Rook, Director of Information Technology

Wow, Josh knows his material. I really think we should teach this stuff in all school and churches. This class was beautifully enlightening and informative. His way of instructing a down to earth spiritual growth class blew me away. Josh has a practical way of teaching the hard stuff in an open, safe environment, and his class helped me identify the part of my personality that has been dormant.

Josh is a master at the enneagram. His style of teaching and coaching invigorated me in my growth, particularly the improvement of my EQ. I was so in deep into the space we hardly ever go and came out the outer side feeling like I had a better understanding of myself and the people in my life. 

After this class, I think listening and personal growth should be taught to everyone. I highly recommend an Enneagram class or coaching session with Josh.   You will learn something about yourself that you didn’t know existed, and you will make leaps in personal growth that you never knew were possible.


In all honestly, I went into Josh’s retreat weekend somewhat skeptical. I’d already explored a lot of different approaches to self development and wasn’t sure what else was to be gained. And all I can say is WOW, thank god I embarked on such a life-changing weekend. It’s scary to imagine a world where I didn’t attend. Why? I’m still processing, but here are some preliminary thoughts: In general I feel like I have more awareness and compassion for myself and others. It may sound trite, but since the retreat I’ve noticed myself observing random strangers with more curiosity and compassion where previously I would have been more likely to get annoyed or pass judgment.

My interactions with colleagues have also been easier and more enjoyable. It’s been harder to get triggered. I also learned to appreciate certain things about myself that I wasn’t aware of before e.g. my connection to my body, and the value of doubling down on that versus taking it for granted. Since the weekend I’ve been working out more and generally feeling more settled and grounded in my body. 

I’ve also gained significant clarity regarding important life decisions in front of me–clarity I didn’t realize I needed ahead of the weekend. Scary to think I may have just continued down the default path unaware of the major fork looming ahead. 

Finally I’d say that one of the best things about the weekend was going deep with the incredible group that Josh put together. A lot of the benefits come not just from individual teaching by Josh, but the way he orchestrates the group so that people share and open up to each other with such depth. That’s the magic. I feel grateful for having witnessed such beautiful and heartfelt human interactions. And excited to feel more alive, heart open, and connected to others moving forward.

Carter Cleveland, Artsy, Founder & Executive Chairman
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