Josh Lavine, Leadership Coach, Enneagram Teacher

“Growing is about deepening your personhood as much as about developing your skills.”

Hi, I’m Josh. I coach executives, teach the Enneagram, and give Enneagram-based team and leadership workshops around the United States. Please contact me for my rates, process, and program details.

Upcoming Workshops

Intro to the Enneagram Program 2 hour kickoff conference call on 9/30. 3 day retreat from 10/25 – 10/27

Intro to the Enneagram Program. 2 hour kickoff conference call on 11/12. 3 day retreat from 12/13 – 12/15

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What People Have Said

Josh truly captures the heart and emotion of the enneagram. It was truly a privilege to witness myself and others experience breakthroughs in what we saw in ourselves and in the people we love and care about. After the transformational weekend, I’ve acquired deeper tolerance, compassion and appreciation towards myself and those around me. I’ve been eagerly sharing the work with those I care about and it’s amazing to see them light up from the inside. 

~ Ellie Pappas, LMSW, Reiki Master Practitioner

In all honestly, I went into Josh’s retreat weekend somewhat skeptical. All I can say is WOW, thank God I embarked on such a life-changing weekend. It’s scary to imagine a world where I didn’t attend. I feel like I have more awareness and compassion for myself and others. It may sound trite, but since the retreat I’ve noticed myself observing random strangers with more curiosity and compassion where previously I would have been more likely to get annoyed or pass judgment.

~ Carter Cleveland, Artsy, Founder & Executive Chairman

Josh is an incredible teacher, and it is clear that he has spent years acquiring deep knowledge. Every teaching moment came with stories from his own life that really brought the Enneagram to life. Josh managed to create a safe space in which I felt encouraged to dive beyond the surface and reflect and share who I am and who I might want to become. I highly recommend Josh as a teacher and the Enneagram as a framework to anyone looking to explore on a deep level who they are.

~ Malte Kramer, Founder of Luxury Presence & author of Play for Something

Josh’s Enneagram retreat invites you to step into the black box of others’ minds and rethink how you approach the diverse personalities in your life. Josh is the ideal guide for this journey – empathetic, charismatic, inquisitive, and charmingly self-reflective about how his own typology textures the experience. Whether you’re looking to engage in some much-needed self discovery or explore the dynamics of your most intimate and complicated relationships, I can’t recommend this retreat enough.

~ Jaclyn Harris, Yale Law School ’16

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